Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your story ideas?

I started out as a reporter and so I’m a bit of a news junkie. Sometimes a headline will set me off on the path of “what if?” and soon I’ve got a story or a character in mind.

Do the Tracers books need to be read in order?

No, they don’t. Each story has a stand-alone mystery plot and each focuses on a different couple, so you can dive right into the middle of the series. Some readers like to read the books in order, though, because the characters overlap.

What is the order, if I want to read the Tracers books in sequence?

Untraceable, Unspeakable, Unstoppable (novella), Unforgivable, Snapped, Twisted, Scorched, Exposed, Beyond Limits, Shadow Fall, Deep Dark, At Close Range... and more to come!

Do you listen to music while you write?

I listen to music before I sit down to write. Typically I begin the day with a jog or a walk, and I listen to my iPod, which is loaded with songs that remind me of the book I’m working on. I like to pick songs with lyrics that evoke something about my story—maybe the setting or maybe the characters.

What is the biggest misconception about being an author?

Many people think I help design the book covers. I love my covers, but I can’t take credit. My publisher has talented artists who create the covers.

Do you have a street team?

I have a group of readers that helps me get the word out about new releases. I give them sneak previews whenever I can and do giveaways. If you’re interested in joining, just drop me an email at and I’ll add you to the group!

I want to be an author. Where should I start?

Start with your story. It sounds so basic, but that’s where it all begins. If you have a story inside of you, write it. Then write another one. And another. Publishing is a tough industry, so your first effort may not take off, but you will learn from it.

If you love to write, then keep working and don’t give up.